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Designer Profile

Shreya Jain, Founder & Creative Director

Shreya Jain graduated with a B.A Honours in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She went onto pursuing her Masters in Design Management for the Fashion Industries at London College of Fashion.

Professionally, she has worked for Adidas in London and Anna Sui in New York. Her fascination for textiles has been a life-long affair boldly influenced by her mother.

In pursuit of inspiration, she travels the world and brings back an amalgamation of exclusive stories. La Kairos is rooted in these travel adventures and the designer has ensured that the collections satisfy both her personal creativity and her vision to bring those stories into homes across the world.

Brand Philosophy

La Kairos collections take you on a creative excursion that is unmatched in quality in the world of soft furnishings. Each collection is made using the finest fabrics, carefully handcrafted by our highly skilled master artisans.

Deep-rooted in a heritage defined by Indian craftsmanship, La Kairos offers dreamy characteristics and romantic appearances wrapped within the lap of luxury. Each collection has a story attached to it, which embodies stories of art, people, travel and experiences of our creative director. Our belief is in the philosophy that home décor can transform not just into art and design but also provide equanimity for the super-luxurious souls in all of us.

La Kairos offers a contemporary twist on classic elements enlivened through the use of bold colors, interesting and unusual assemblages, and exciting fabrics whilst being comfortable. We aim to provide an unparalleled combination of high quality inspired designs.

La Kairos proudly works on progressive textile development, always aspiring for continuous avant-garde experimentations. Various techniques of ancient hand artistry that are diminishing are used to achieve unique yet sophisticated designs. Each season introduces an array of new ideas inspired by an exceptional pattern, color combination and ultimately, an individualistic concept.

La Kairos has successfully created soft furnishings for various esteemed properties including the residence of the German Ambassador and Members of the United Nations.

A completely ‘Made in India’ brand, each piece of textile at La Kairos is created to inspire and create comfort and class in a space where life, love, and living gets fueled and refueled.


From the time I can remember, my eyes would always focus on fabric. While I’d notice what people were wearing, I’d get particularly fascinated by the way people would decorate their homes and feel inspired by seeing how their space reflected their culture, their travels and in turn, their lives.

This eye for detail and design stemmed from the passion I saw my mother exude towards textiles. Since childhood, I was surrounded by bountiful beautiful fabrics that my Mom would use to create designs, many of which she’d bring back from her travels around the world.

I was lucky that as I got older, I got to join my mother on these adventures and while spending time seeing the world, I got an inside look at what inspires people globally. I also realized that the fabrics I was so accustomed to sleeping on were universally regarded as fitting a certain lifestyle. What that lifestyle meant became the source of my personal investigation and resulted in my lifelong inspiration.

My passion for designing a space that gives us the time, the energy, the focus and the creativity needed to be able to receive everything that life has to offer each day is now what drives me and that is La Kairos.

Earlier on, when you bought something it would last you a lifetime because its quality and workmanship was just ‘on-point’, where you would hand down those special pieces on to the next generation. I wanted to create the same level of products and tell stories through them whilst keeping the hand artistry and sustainability as my focus.

I created La Kairos to inspire and enable people to live and rest in comfort, with luxury. Just how my mother inspired me, I would like to inspire the world…


La Kairos creates luxurious soft furnishings and accessories which tell stories through each product whilst keeping the values of hand artistry and sustainability as our focus.


La Kairos Headquarters
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