Dew Drop


Craftmanship details

Uniquely made by one artisan over a course of 10 hours
Completely hand-beaded and hand-sequined
100% linen front and back


Gold / Silver

The Story of DEW DROP

Sparkle! Sparkle like the mother who wakes up at dawn with a smile on her face. Sparkle like the mothers who have hearts of gold. Sparkle like the mother who always believes in you. Sparkle like the mother who loves you no matter what. Dedicated to mothers who sparkle even when the going gets tough. Truth is she is “Sparkle”.

“She is the light of our lives,
And lightens the burdens of those around her…
And brightens their lives at the same time

She is the light in our darkness…
She is the jewel in our crown…
She is our anchor but also our guide”